Thursday, March 3, 2011

Rotary Enthusiasts Dream Engine

A four rotor engine is capable of smooth delivery of power, incredible engine performance. PPRE Quad Rotor Engine New Built N/A PP Short block, all new parts, Hi comp rotors, includes Sump

PPRE Quad-Rotor Crank Kit
Kit consists of Chromolly Eccentric shaft, woodfif keys, front and rear counterweights, rear main nut, shaft end cap, 2 x modified centre plates, 2 x stationary gear carriers (includes stationary gears), 2 x centre oil modification adapters, thru bolt set.

It's a dream engine for many enthusiasts and many strive to create their own quad engines. Goes without saying that there are costs and a lot of time testing involved. If you're a fan, visit the PPRE workshop in Wanganui, NZ

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